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National Renewable Energy Laboratory

RE_Atlas Solar Photovoltaic

Type: datasetLicense: not specifiedCategory: climatology, meteorology, athmosphereLast update: 3 years ago

This data provides monthly average and annual average daily total solar resource averaged over surface cells of 0.1 degrees in both latitude and longitude, or about 10 km in size. The insolation values represent the resource available to fixed flat plate system tilted towards the equator at an angle equal to the latitude. The data are created using the SUNY Satellite Solar Radiation model (Perez,, 2002). The data are averaged from hourly model output over 8 years (1998-2009). This model uses hourly radiance images from geostationary weather satellites, daily snow cover data, and monthly averages of atmospheric water vapor, trace gases, and the amount of aerosols in the atmosphere to calculate the hourly total insolation (sun and sky) falling on a horizontal surface. The direct beam radiation is then calculated using the atmospheric water vapor, trace gases, and aerosols, which are derived from a variety of sources. Where possible, existing ground measurement stations are used…

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