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Species and habitats - Dicentrarchus labrax - Nurseries French Coasts - Multi-annual abundance in September - Kriging error map

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Species distribution

Abundance of several species in coastal nurseries along french coasts. Kriging error (v) resulting from the interpolation of these data was maped.

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Between 1977 and 2006, in September, IFREMER conducted French Young Fish Surveys alond the French coasts. This dataset comprises data from four surveys covering different periods (Bay of Veys, 1977-1981; Bay of Seine, 1995-2002; Bay of Somme, 1998-2006; DYFS, 1977-1983). The French YFs taking place in the Bays of Somme and Seine uses a 3 m beam trawl outside of the bays, but a 2 m beam trawl witin the bays. Data have sometimes been standardised to take into account the difference in gear characteristics.

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