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EMODnet Seabed habitats

North West Mediterranean modelled seabed shear stress (90th percentile)

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Seabed shear stress (in N.m-2) is a measure of the friction of water on the seabed due to waves and currents. The 90th percentile over the available period is used as layer for habitat models prediction.

Data origin:

Seabed shear stress was estimated using hydrodynamic models of the whole Mediterranean bassin or limited to the north-west Mediterranean. Analysed period includ 2001 and June 2007 to April 2009 (limited to available wave data periods)

In the North-west Mediterranean, current fields were generated using 3D MEDNOR hydrodynamic model with a 1x1km spatial resolution and 3h time resolution.

Wave significant height, peak frequency, peak direction and bathymetry were estimated using the MED01DEG model at 0.1° spatial resolution over 3h time steps.

The methodology is detailed in Rivier, 2010. Rugosity length was set to 0.1 mm.

Rivier A., 2010. Evaluation de l'action de la houle et du courant sur les fonds marins dans le cadre de la réalisation de cartographie d'habitats marins. Ifremer internal report.

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