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European Environment Agency
Kongens Nytorv 6 Copenhagen - 1050 Denmark

Urban Atlas Change 2012-2018 (vector), Apr. 2020

Type: datasetLicense: not specifiedCategory: imagery, base maps, earth coverResolution: 10 metersLast update: 5 months ago
Land use

The European Urban Atlas provides reliable, inter-comparable, high-resolution land use and land cover change data for 785 Functional Urban Areas (FUA) with more than 50,000 inhabitants between the reference years 2012 and 2018 in EEA39 countries (EU, EFTA and Western Balkan countries as well as Turkey and United Kingdom). The spatial data can be downloaded together with a map for each FUA covered and a report with the metadata for the respective area. The Urban Atlas Change layers have become available as of 2012.

Urban Atlas is a joint initiative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy and the Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space in the frame of the EU Copernicus programme, with the support of the European Space Agency and the European Environment Agency.

NOTE: By the time of publishing this metadata not all FUAs were available for download through the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service website.They will become gradually…

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Data origin:

Cartography based on satellite images Interpretation (2012: SPOT 5 or ALOS - resolution 2,5 meters ; 2018: Pléiades, KOMPSAT, Planet, SPOT 6, SuperView, etc. - resolution 2 or 4 meters) Use of ancillary data (Google Earth, OpenStreet Map). Production land use/cover maps for Functional Urban Area in Europe.

Typology: 11100 Continuous Urban Fabric (S.L. > 80%) 11210 Discontinuous Dense Urban Fabric (S.L. : 50% - 80%) 11220 Discontinuous Medium Density Urban Fabric (S.L. : 30% - 50%) 11230 Discontinuous Low Density Urban Fabric (S.L. : 10% - 30%) 11240 Discontinuous Very Low Density Urban Fabric (S.L. < 10%) 11300 Isolated Structures 12100 Industrial, commercial, public, military and private units 12210 Fast transit roads and associated land 12220 Other roads and associated land 12230 Railways and associated land 12300 Port areas 12400 Airports 13100 Mineral extraction and dump sites 13300 Construction sites 13400 Land without current use 14100 Green…

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Creation date: April 16, 2020
Update frequency: continual




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