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Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)
Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)
Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)

Guyadiv Piste Saint Elie: plots of forest inventory since 1986.

Type: datasetLicense: not specifiedCategory: biotaScale: 1 / 5000Last update: 35 years ago
Environmental monitoring facilities

Guyadiv is a network of permanent forest plots in French Guiana. The experimental site of Piste de St Elie is composed of one 10-ha plot (100 m x 1000 m), an adjacent 2-ha plot (100 m x 200 m), and three distant plots: a 5-ha (100 m x 500 m) and two 1-ha (19 ha total area). These plots are located in the ECEREX area of Piste Saint Elie. The botanists who have set-up the plots and contributed to identification and tree measurements are D. Sabatier, M.-F. Prévost, J.-F. Molino, B. Riéra, E. Fonty and C. Madelaine. During the inventories, the data recorded are: geographical position of the trees, dbh and identification by botanical sampling. On all 19 plots, all trees above10 cm dbh were censused. On a 1-ha plot (20 m x 500 m) nested within the 10-ha plot, all trees above 2 cm dbh were also censused. The first year of inventory of trees with dbh >= 10 cm was 1986, 1987, 1988 or 1991 (depending on the plots), and 1994 for trees with dbh between 2 and 10 cm. A second inventory was…

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Data origin:
  1. The initial metadata mentioned that "On this experimental site, the percent of species determination is between 95,1% and 100%. The number of identified species is between 129 and 1153 species by plot, each represented by at least 10 individuals." This figures do not agree with the information associated with the shapefile. 2. We have deleted the map that showed the the number of species by plot and the percentage of species determinated. 3. We recommand to verify the information of the shapefile. On the interactive map, number of species by plot is labelled and the color refers to the percent of species determination.

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Creation date: January 1, 1986
Update frequency: irregular
State: planned


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