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CHARM Consortium
Laboratoire de Ressources Halieutiques, Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la MER, 150 quai Gambetta BP699 Boulogne-sur-mer - 62231 France


CHARM Consortium

Fishing activities - Scyliorhinus stellaris (Nursehound, Greater spotted dogfish) - Landings statistics (2000-2006)

Type: datasetLicense: not specifiedCategory: economyScale: 1 / 10000Last update: unknown
Species distribution

Landings in tonnes of live fish per quarter: mean over 7 years (2000-2006), only in France

Data origin:

Data extracted from the French and UK databases were used to produce maps showing the distribution of landings by quarter and statistical division, for about 30 species (in tonnes of fresh fish).

Purpose: not specified

Data life cycle, according to producer:
Creation date: unknown
Update frequency: as needed
State: completed


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