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Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)
Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRA)
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Beware, this dataset is under development, the data can be incorrect and will certainly be updated in the near future.

Guyaflux: a micrometeorological tower for studying greenhouse gases exchanges between the guianese amazonian forest and atmosphere since 2003

Type: datasetLicense: not specifiedCategory: biotaScale: 1 / 5000Last update: 20 years ago
Environmental monitoring facilities

The experimental site of Guyaflux in the Paracou forest (Sinnamary, French Guiana) has been created in 2003 and is set up for at least 20 years. Guyaflux has several aims : 1. to characterise the greenhouse gases exchanges between the forest ecosystem and the atmosphere. 2. to assess the contribution of Guianese tropical humid forest ecosystem to the biospheric carbon sink. 3. to assess the impact of environmental constraints on carbon footprint. 4. to analyze the contribution of different compartments of the ecosystem (soil, subsoil, canopy) to storage and water and carbon flows. 5. to model the primary productivity of this ecosystem by linking carbon flow and tree growth. 6. to assess interactions between water cycle, carbon cycle and major soil minerals (nitrogen and phosphorus) The experimental set-up is composed of a 55m-high flux tower, which measures gases exchanges in real-time.Several data types are registrated : microclimatic data, carbon and water flows between forest…

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Under development.

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Creation date: January 1, 2003
Update frequency: irregular
State: under development



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