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Hydrological Basins in Africa (Sample record, please remove!)

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Major hydrological basins and their sub-basins. This dataset divides the African continent according to its hydrological characteristics. The dataset consists of the following information:- numerical code and name of the major basin (MAJ_BAS and MAJ_NAME); - area of the major basin in square km (MAJ_AREA); - numerical code and name of the sub-basin (SUB_BAS and SUB_NAME); - area of the sub-basin in square km (SUB_AREA); - numerical code of the sub-basin towards which the sub-basin flows (TO_SUBBAS) (the codes -888 and -999 have been assigned respectively to internal sub-basins and to sub-basins draining into the sea)

Origine de la donnée :

The linework of the map is obtained by delineating drainage basin boundaries from an hydrologically corrected digital elevation model with a resolution of 1 * 1 km.

Objectif : This dataset is developed as part of a GIS-based information system on water resources for the African continent. It has been published in the framework of the AQUASTAT - programme of the Land and Water Division of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, as part of FAO Land and Water Digital Media Series #13: "Atlas of Water Resources and Irrigation in Africa". For a wider distribution and to support other projects at FAO this map is also distributed in a DVD as part of a publication entitled: "Jenness, J.; Dooley, J.; Aguilar-Manjarrez, J.; Riva, C. African Water Resource Database. GIS-based tools for inland aquatic resource management. 2. Technical manual and workbook. CIFA Technical Paper. No. 33, Part 2. Rome, FAO. 2007. 308 p."

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Date de création : 19 juillet 2000
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Online link to the 'Water Resources and Irrigation in Africa'- website

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