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European Environment Agency
Kongens Nytorv 6 Copenhagen - 1050 Denmark

High Resolution Layer: Imperviousness Density 2018 (raster 10m), Aug. 2020

Type : jeu de donnéesLicence : non renseignéeCatégorie : imagerie, fonds de cartes, occupation des solsRésolution : 10 mètresDernière mise à jour : il y a un an
Occupation des terres

The High Resolution Layer on Imperviousness Density 2018 is a thematic product showing the sealing density in the range from 0-100% for the period 2018 (including data from 2017-2019) for the EEA-38 area and the United Kingdom. The production of the high resolution imperviousness layers is coordinated by EEA in the frame of the EU Copernicus programme.

The high resolution imperviousness products capture the percentage and change of soil sealing. Built-up areas are characterized by the substitution of the original (semi-) natural land cover or water surface with an artificial, often impervious cover. These artificial surfaces are usually maintained over long periods of time. A series of high resolution imperviousness datasets (for the 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2018 reference years) with all artificially sealed areas was produced using automatic derivation based on calibrated Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). This series of imperviousness layers constitutes the main…

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Quality assurance follows the ISO9000 standards for Quality Management and comprises of dedicated procedures of on-going quality checks (QA breakpoints) during implementation of the production chain, in order to keep persistent control over the various stages of production, assure fitness-for-purpose of the end-products and that all quality requirements are fulfilled. Priority will be given to the target thematic accuracies to be achieved by each product, as well as to the issues of product consistency (spatial, thematic, temporal) and homogeneity. Quality Assessment: The quality assessment has been performed according to INSPIRE Data Specifications. The data quality elements considered are: Completeness, Logical Consistency, Thematic Accuracy, Temporal quality and Usability. Each of them (excl. the Thematic Accuracy hereafter) forms a section in the QA/QC Procedures.

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Date de création : 18 août 2020
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