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European Topic Centre on Urban, land and soil systems (ETC ULS)
Environment Agency Austria, Spittelauer Lande 5 Wien - 1090

Corine Land Cover 2018 sur la Bourgogne - Franche - Comté

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CLC2018 is one of the datasets produced within the frame the Corine Land Cover programme referring to land cover / land use status of year 2018. The Corine Land Cover (CLC) is an European programme, coordinated by the European Environment Agency (EEA), providing consistent information on land cover and land cover changes across Europe. CLC products are based on the photointerpretation of satellite images by the national teams of the participating countries - the EEA member or cooperating countries. The resulting national land cover inventories are further integrated into a seamless land cover map of Europe. The resulting European database is based on standard methodology and nomenclature with following base parameters: - 44 classes in the hierarchical 3-level Corine nomenclature - minimum mapping unit (MMU) for status layers is 25 hectares - minimum width of linear elements is 100 metres - minimum mapping unit (MMU) for Land Cover Changes (LCC) for change layers is 5 hectares CLC…

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Vector CLC database was provided by National Teams within original CLC1990, I&CLC2000 update, FTSP/CLC2006 update, CLC2012 update and CLC2018 update projects. All features in original vector database were classified and digitised based on satellite images with 100 m positional accuracy (according to CLC specifications) and 25 ha minimum mapping unit into the standardized CLC nomenclature (44 CLC classes).

European Corine Land Cover seamless DBs represent the final product of European data integration. The process of data integration started when national deliveries have been accepted and the Database Acceptance Report (DBTA) delivered . Delivered national data were produced in local national systems of all participating countries. Each national Coordinate Reference System (CRS) definition had to be known precisely together with its geometric relationship to a standard system in order to accurately transfer all national data into a standard European coordinate reference -…

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