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Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)
Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)
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Aerial laser scanning (ALS) dataset, Paracou, French Guiana, acquired on 20 October 2009.

Type : jeu de donnéesLicence : non renseignéeCatégorie : altitudeRésolution : 0.3 mètreDernière mise à jour : il y a 10 ans

The aerial laser scanning (ALS) dataset, acquired on 20 October 2009, covers the experimental station Paracou in French Guiyana. More precisely, the dataset covers 9 plots totally (Paracou 4, Paracou 5, Paracou 7, Paracou 8, Paracou 9 - Paracou 12, and Paracou 14) and 4 plots partly (Paracou 3, Paracou 6, Paracou 13, and Paracou 15). The area includes exploited and non-exploited forest and Pinot palm.

Origine de la donnée :
  1. All data was acquired by Altoa flying a helicopter between 120 and 220 m above ground level. The embarked system was composed of a scanning laser altimeter with a rotating mirror mechanism (Riegl LMS-Q140i-60 ), a GPS receiver coupled to a second GPS receiver on the ground, and an inertial measurement unit to record pitch, roll, and heading of aircraft. The wave length used was 1064 (NIR). The scanning angle was +/- 30°. The laser recorded the last reflected pulse with a nominal precision better than 0.1 meters. The mean point density is 4-5 points/m². 2. Deliverance of the data in x, y, z., time, and intensity (or return pulse) 3. The tilled data are stored in \forestview01\BDLidar\Données Lidar\Paracou\2009-2\Données brutes\oct 2009. 4. Various further processing steps were carried out. Please get in touch with a point of contact

Objectif : non renseigné

Cycle de vie de la donnée renseigné par le producteur :
Date de création : 20 octobre 2009
Fréquence de mise à jour : non planifiée
État : terminée


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