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European Environment Agency
Kongens Nytorv 6 Copenhagen - 1050 Denmark

Urban Atlas 2012 (vector), Apr. 2020

Type : jeu de donnéesLicence : non renseignéeCatégorie : imagerie, fonds de cartes, occupation des solsRésolution : 10 mètresDernière mise à jour : il y a 4 mois
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The European Urban Atlas provides reliable, inter-comparable, high-resolution land use and land cover data for 800 Functional Urban Areas (FUA) with more than 50,000 inhabitants for the reference year 2012 in EEA39 countries (EU, EFTA and Western Balkan countries as well as Turkey and United Kingdom). The spatial data can be downloaded together with a map for each FUA covered and a report with the metadata for the respective area.

Urban Atlas is a joint initiative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy and the Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space in the frame of the EU Copernicus programme, with the support of the European Space Agency and the European Environment Agency.

Origine de la donnée :

The Urban Atlas is mainly based on the combination of (statistical) image classification and visual interpretation of Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery. Multispectral SPOT 5 & 6 and Formosat-2 pan-sharpened imagery with a 2 to 2.5m spatial resolution is used as input data. The built-up classes are combined with density information on the level of sealed soil derived from the High Resolution Layer imperviousness to provide more detail in the density of the urban fabric. Finally, the Urban Atlas product is complemented and enriched with functional information (road network, services, utilities etc…) using ancillary data sources such as local city maps or online map services.

During the mapping campaign for the update of Urban Atlas 2018, the LCLU status product of Urban Atlas 2012 was revised. Version 020 marks the revised FUAs in the download section.


11100 Continuous Urban Fabric (S.L. > 80%) 11210 Discontinuous Dense Urban Fabric (S.L. : 50% -…

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Date de création : 4 août 2016
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