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Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD)
Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières (BRGM)



Aerial laser scanning (LIDAR) survey over French Guiana conducted by French Geological Survey (BRGM) in 1996.

Type : jeu de donnéesLicence : non renseignéeCatégorie : altitudeRésolution : 0.35 mètreDernière mise à jour : il y a 25 ans

The airborne data comprises laser elevation data acquired during an airborne geophysical survey over French Guiana in 1996. The study area, located along the coast in the south of Cayenne in French Guiana, measures 45 km x 55 km. The area is characterized by virgin forest and savannah. Most of the area is flat or slightly undulating, with elevation ranging from 0 to about 400 m above sea level. (e.g. Kaw mountain).

Origine de la donnée :

Flight lines were oriented N30° with a 500-m spacing, complemented by transverse flight lines oriented N120° with a 5-km spacing. Laser sampling density was approximately 7 m along flight lines (sampling frequency = 10 Hz). Laser wavelength is 905 nm and footprint size is 35 cm. The laser measurements are therefore considered as point data. The available laser data correspond to the first pulse returned, i.e. the first obstacle encountered. As these laser data were acquired for the purpose of checking the quality of the geophysical survey, particularly the flight ground clearance, a low sampling frequency was chosen and only the first pulse considered. The quality of the airborne data was assessed by examining the errors at flight-line intersections (lines N030° and N120°). Assuming that the errors related to linear interpolation carried out in the vicinity of flight-line intersections are insignificant for flat terrain (elevation <10 m), then elevation accuracy for the filtered data…

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Objectif : non renseigné

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Date de création : 1 janvier 1996
Fréquence de mise à jour : inconnue
État : terminée


Bourgine B., Baghdadi N., Hosford S., and Daniels P., 2004. Generation of a ground-level DEM in a dense equatorial forest zone by merging airborne laser data and a top-of-canopy DEM. Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, vol. 30, no. 6, pp. 913-926

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