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European Environment Agency
Kongens Nytorv 6 Copenhagen - 1050 Denmark

Natura 2000 - 2006 (vector), Jan. 2020

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Occupation des terres

Natura 2000 (N2K) is a network of core breeding and resting sites for rare and threatened species, as well as for some rare natural habitat types which are protected in their own right. It stretches across all EU member states, both on land and at sea. The aim of the network is to ensure the long-term survival of Europe's most valuable and threatened species and habitats that are listed under the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive. Previously, in 2015 a selection of N2K grassland-rich sites (chosen from within five grassland habitats types, namely, 6210, 6240, 6250, 6510 and 6520) and covering approx. 160.000 km2 was mapped, including a 2 km buffer to allow for an analysis of pressures and threats. The mapping product offered a detailed LC/LU product applying a hierarchical nomenclature with 62 classes. The selected sites were mapped for both the 2006 and 2012 reference years. In 2017, to allow for a harmonisation of the nomenclatures applied to the different hot-spot…

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Generation of a LC/LU dataset using Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite data, with incorporation of existing Copernicus (High Resolution Layer, Local Components) and OpenStreetMap data. The Minimum Mapping Unit (MMU) is 0.5 ha. The positional accuracy is less than 5 m. Accuracy assessment approach: stratified random point sampling. Interpretation of sampling points has been performed on the best available reference data. The Overall Accuracy is higher than 85%. Minimum Mapping Unit: 0.5 ha. Minimum Mapping Width: 10 m

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Date de création : 19 juillet 2019
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